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Pure Copper Water Bottle (1L)

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Storing water in a copper vessel creates a natural purification process. It can kill all the microorganisms, molds, fungi, algae and bacteria, present in the water that could be harmful to the body and make the water perfectly fit for drinking. In addition, water stored in a copper vessel, preferably overnight or at least for four hours, acquires a certain quality from the copper. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is vital to human health. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti inflammatory properties. It also helps neutralise toxins.  Drinking 1 to 2 glasses of water that has been stored in a copper vessel is another easy way to supply your body with enough copper. Drinking copper-enriched water first thing in the rising on an empty stomach with some warm key lime water will flush away toxins from the body as well as hydrating and rejuvenating the body.. This also ensures proper functioning of different organs and processes within the body.



Only store water in the bottles. Water must be stored in the bottle for at least 6 hours before drinking. When you have nearly run out of water, refill the bottle without emptying it. This will ensure the fresh water mixes with the water already containing copper, making it unnecessary to wait for another 6 hours to drink it. For best effects, empty bottle nightly and refill.

Every 2 to 6 months (depending on wether it is oxidated on the inside) wash the inside of the bottle by filling it with warm to hot water, squeezing in some key lime. Stir well and leave to sit for an hour. rinse thoroughly with warm water and it's ready to use again.

Oil the lid every few weeks if it gets squeaky.


  • Ingesting copper increases the body's immunity 
  • Helps with iron absorption, essential in preventing anemia
  • Aids weight loss as it naturally breaks down excess fat
  • Slows down the aging of the skin with its very strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties, fighting off free radicals, one of the main reasons for the formation of fine lines
  • Is a brain stimulant, and is especially essential for babies and young children and their developing brains
  • Clears the skin from scars and blemishes by stimulating cell reproduction and the production of extra melanin

 Made from 100% pure Copper in India.


    Pure Copper Water Bottle (1L)