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Suneez Healthy Self

Key Limes

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Key limes are a very powerful as they alkalise the body as well getting rid of mucus build up.

Ideal to squeeze out its juice content in your herbal iron teas in the morning. You can also use its juice in smoothies , cooked food , salads and can even be used as natural deodorant.

Other benefits include:
~ Rejuvenation of the skin
~Boosts immune system heavily
~Lowers blood pressure
~Assist's the body in its detoxification
~Improves energy and digestion
~Reduces body odour
~Improves eye health
~Regulates bowel movement
…and many more!

These are a must have in maintaining good health. 100% natural and seeded. 

**1 bag consists of 8-12 key limes depending on their size**

    Key Limes
    Key Limes